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Welcome to Sylhet District Bar Association Website.
President Message

Welcome to the website of Sylhet District Bar Association. Sylhet is the spiritual capital of Bangladesh. It is holy land of Hazrat Shah Jalal (Rh.), Hazrat Shah Paran (Rh.) including 360 spiritual leaders. Unfathomable natural resources and innumerable tourist attractions beside beautiful tea gardens are located here. The Sylhet District Bar Association is the fourth largest Bar Association of Bangladesh. We have a history of glorious traditions. Our honourable members have been working as important position of judicial and executive branch of government and we are very much proud our honourable Justice Mr. Surendra Kumar Singha, Chief Justice of Bangladesh was a member of this Bar. Mr. Justice Mahmudul Amin Chowdhury, the former Chief Justice of Bangladesh was also a member of this Bar. At present, there are one thousand and three hundred Sixty One members in this Bar. Every year new members are joining this Bar. To establish the rule of law and to separate judiciary from executive branch the role of lawyers is essential. To ensure any information regarding advocates of the Bar, an up-to- date website has been installed, so that anybody can easily get necessary information from our website. Our aim is to make the information available to all the members as well as the general people. Our website is a successful beginning to ensure the rights to know the information’s. I wish a long life and good health to all the members of this Bar. Mohammad Lala Advocate, President, Sylhet District Bar Association. Bangladesh.

Secretary Message

Sylhet is a holy city of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R:), Hazrat Shah Paran (R:) & mahaprovu Sree Chaitanya Deb with 2 leaves & 1 bud, which is renowned as the spiritual capital city of Bangladesh wherein our Sylhet District Bar Association is situated. Our said Bar Association has been trying to establish rule of law in the country as well as in south Asia region for more than hundred years. Our distinguished members are engaged in Parliament, Judiciary & Administrative sector, especially former Chief Justice of Bangladesh Mr. Mahmudul Amin Chowdhury is one of learned member is our said Association. Moreover numerable member are Justice in both Appellate & High Court Division of Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Speaker of Assemblies and ministers have been taken from our Bar Association. Late Khan Bahadur Syed Abdul Majid better known as Kaptan Miah Advocate who was a member of this Bar Association was the first minister from Sylhet in Assam. Late Ray Bahadur Promode Chandro Dutta Advocate of this Bar Association was a minister and Executive councillor in Assam. Late Khan Bahadur Abdul Hamid Advocate of this Bar was a Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly and a minister of the Assam Govern

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